Darryl Parsons has one piece of advice that he gives to every client: Look at what everyone else is doing, and don’t do that.
So he hasn”t written a bio.

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John has 20 years experience on both agency and client sides in both traditional and non-traditional media from brand advertising to direct to digital. He returned home after 15 years overseas (10 of which were spent working for The Economist in London) and spent a year working at Air New Zealand’s grabaseat before setting up Projector. Projector is modelled on the same successful formula John used for starting up Projector in London.

Projector’s UK work included developing The Economist’s most successful online advertising campaign, extending their brand through radio, and online video and launching frontlineclub.com for the Frontline media club. During his years in Africa John helped set up Breeze FM, Zambia’s first independent radio station, and established a charity to distribute wind-up radios to the rural poor in Zambia and Northern Uganda. His time working for EMRA during the war in Bosnia prepared him well for the guns, corruption and sticky situations.

John is happily back on home turf and enjoying a new set of challenges with up and coming Kiwi brands and an up and coming 4 year old daughter.

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Luke is an eloquent visual communicator with over 10 years of experience. Previously holding the position of Creative Director at the world-renowned Taylormade Media.

Luke has a no bullshit approach to design, every element is there for a reason, if it doesn’t add anything then it shouldn’t be there. This approach has seen him work for a diverse range of clients, from branding high fashion events to entire cities to aircraft manufacturers which saw him hanging out of planes in the highlands of Papua New Guinea directing photoshoots and trying not to scare the locals with his pasty white skin.

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