The Moa ‘Backhander’ flyer was sent by Daryl Tuffey, the former New Zealand Black Caps cricketer in support of his corporate sales role. The body copy reads: Pakistanis love cricket and they love making money. Smetimes they combine the two with a good old Pakistani Match Fix so that the Black Caps get to win a game and the Pakistanis get a big cheque from the TAB. It’s a win-win all round and we here at Moa love the business principles behind it which is why we’re offering Pakistani backhander of our own. So for every 10 cases of Moa ordered, the contact person who does the ordering (that’s you) gets 10% off the match fee – a free case of Moa beer for yourself that we don’t tell anyone about. Is this ethical? No. Is it Pakistani? Yes. But best of all no one’s going to really care because all of a sudden there is Moa in the fridge instead of that fizzy lolly water from Otahuhu or East Tamaki. Right-oh, as you were. Daryl Tuffey Genuine All-rounder for Moa beer